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Custom dog portraits

Being a dog owner myself, I love drawing custom dog portraits, of any breed. Below are examples of some of those I have created recently.

When drawing a precious pet it is important to me that I capture its personality and character as well as physical appearance. Your dog is unique and deserves the hours of careful study and attention to detail that a portrait requires.

I offer a choice of coloured pencil or graphite dog portraits, in a variety of sizes, so you can pick just the right combination for your wall. 

Your graphite portrait will be lovingly created on top quality white drawing paper.

For coloured pieces I will pick the most suitable surface to show your dog off to its best. The pencils I use are high quality artists pencils which are lightfast and won't fade. 

To book or enquire about custom dog portraits please use my contact form. 

Coloured pencil portraits

Molly the Staffordshire Bull Terrier rescue
(Private Commission)

Molly was drawn on Clairfontaine Pastelmat, a slightly textured board that allows lots of luscious layers of pencil colour to build up the depth of the dog's fur. She was drawn for my client's brother in law, after his wife sadly passed away. Sadly, he hasn't received the drawing yet as the UK went into lockdown shortly after she was completed and my client has not been able to travel to deliver the portrait in person. 

Louis the Cockapoo
(Private Commission)
10 x 12 inches

Louis was commissioned by his owner, after she saw my portrait of Ozzie (below) on Social Media. The story of this commission is featured here.

Polly the Boxer/Setter cross
(Private Commission)
6 x 6 inches

Polly was a rescue dog, said to be a cross between a boxer and Irish setter! I photographed this gentle giant sitting on her owner's bed looking out the window while waiting for the man of the house to return home. She was also created on Pastelmat and illustrates the fact that white fur is very rarely just white. Pinks, purples, yellows and blue pencils were all used to build up her smooth fur.

Ozzie the Cockapoo
Original in artist's collection

Ozzie was my own rescue dog. This portrait of him was created on drafting film, a translucent plastic surface that LOVES coloured pencil. Any coloured paper can be placed behind custom dog portraits produced on this surface allowing the choice of background to be made after the work is completed. 

Belle and Lulu the Miniature Schnauzers
(Private Commission) 
8 x 10 inches

This beautiful pair live locally to me now. It was created from an old film photograph, taken in Singapore, that had faded and discoloured over the years. It was created on smooth white paper to enable me to get all the detail into this small custom dog portrait. I love their smart red collars!

Vizsla portrait
Original and prints for sale

This handsome Vizsla was photographed while out for one of our country walks. I couldn't resist asking the owner if I could photograph her dogs (she had four of them) and then drew him for my own pleasure. 

Whippet Puppy
Original and prints for sale

We met this cute puppy while on holiday in Devon. She was only 14 weeks old and so delicate. It was those eyes that got me! She looked into mine and pleaded with me to draw her. I chose brown Pastelmat which allowed me to build up the colours in her brindle coat. 

Graphite custom dog portraits

Keith the Bulldog
(Private Commission)
10 X 10 inches

We met Keith in a local pub, after a morning's bird watching. He was only a pup at the time, and his owner's pride and joy. Like all dogs, he gravitated to me and sat by my side. When he ventured far enough away for me to take some photos I took the opportunity. Later I drew him in graphite, original for my own pleasure, but on showing the owner's wife my progress midway, she begged me to buy him once complete. He was duly gifted to her husband for his birthday.

Mitsy the Jack Russell Terrier
(Private Commission)
8 X 10 inches

Mitsy was the first white dog I drew in graphite. The story of this custom dog portrait is told here