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Pencil portrait prices

The pencil portrait prices listed on this page are valid from February 2020. They are subject to change so please check this page before placing your order. 

The sizes listed are the paper size and the drawing will fit nicely, leaving room for a mount (matt).

I use high quality, lightfast pencils by Faber Castell and/or Caran d'Ache and work on a variety of archival drawing surfaces. I pick the best type and colour of paper to suit your pet photograph. 

Many of the portraits featured on the site are dogs, but I am happy to tackle other pets as well. 


Price and details

Up to 6 x 8 inches

£175 (head study only)

up to 8 x 10 inches

£275 (head or full body - 1 subject)

Up to 12 x 14 inches

£350 (head or full body - 1 to 2 subjects)

A non returnable booking fee of 50% is payable before I begin your portrait


The above are my standard sizes. I am quite happy to discuss custom sizes or shapes to suit your requirements. Please use the contact form to get in touch if you are interested in commissioning me.

All my pencil portrait prices include the mount and are sent Special Delivery, guaranteed next day post. 

Shipping is charged at cost unless you live close enough for me to hand deliver. 

Photograph requirements

Although I do not slavishly copy a photograph, I do use them for reference regarding the markings and pose of your pet. 

If you live close to me I am happy to come and take my own photo references, but if not, please provide a selection of images that capture your pets character and colouring. I can then discuss them with you so that we can pick the best to base your portrait on. 

Clear, well exposed photos that are taken from the same height as the pet will ensure the best portraits. If you stand up and look down on the pet the perspective will be distorted. Your dog, for example, would look as though his nose is bigger than his body! So try to either get low to the ground, or have the pet in an elevated position.

Good lighting is important to a portrait. If the eyes and nose are deep in shadow it is difficult to show expression in a drawing. A nice catchlight in the eye brings it to life. If you have the light coming from off to the side, so that it glances over the surface of the dogs coat is best. Full frontal lighting tends to flatten things so they don't look rounded and alive. 

The portrait I drew of Molly, below, benefited from the light coming from the lefthand side. You can see how it illuminated her head and makes the portrait pop off the page. 

Molly, a rescue dog

Your photographs also need to be sharp and in focus. Blurred, distant shots do not give me enough detail to work from. This is especially important if your pet has long or curly hair. 

If your photos are blurred and indistinct, I reserve the right to decline the commission. I love to produce work that I am proud of and that you will be delighted to hang on your wall.

More than one pet?

Belle and Lulu

If you have more than one pet that you would like drawn I can accommodate that in one of two ways. 

I can draw them separately and offer a discount on the second if they are ordered together. 

Or I can include them in the same portrait. As their sizes may differ I would require at least one photo that they are both in, so that I can clearly see the comparison in size. Both animals would need to be the same distance away, as if one is in the distance and the other close up, it doesn't give an accurate indication of the size difference. A Great Dane in the distance could appear smaller than the Cocker Spaniel nearer the camera, for example!

If you can photograph both pets with the light coming from a similar direction that would be helpful.