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Pencil Portraits by Carol Leather

Wildlife photography and Drawing pencil portraits are two of my favourite things.

Walks in the British countryside provide me with plenty of subjects, and magical moments. I then render these images in either graphite or coloured pencil and enjoy those experiences all over again. Once framed and hung on the wall, I think about those days out each time I walk past. 

Family pets are not ignored when it comes to my camera and drawing board, either. Pets only get to share our lives for a few short years and deserve to have their pencil portraits gracing the wall. 

You likely have your own favourite photos, whether digital snapshots or treasured prints from days gone by. But maybe you need some help in immortalising them in pencil? 

Your photos could be of ...

  • your favourite wild animal or bird
  • a beloved pet
  • a human family member, past or present
  • or a combination of the above

Candid photos are just that - not planned - and although they can capture an expression or pose that can't be repeated, they don't always work as a framed picture that we would want to hang on the wall. 

A couple being photobombed by their grandaughter

Often other "stuff" creeps in, distracting from the main subject, such as when my daughter photobombed my parents in this shot! Fun to share on Facebook, but not ideal for a portrait drawing. An expert in photo editing may be able to remove her, but we don't all have those skills do we?

Sometimes it isn't possible to take the photo that you desire! You might have been wanting to get a picture of both of your pets together but they won't co-operate. Or you want both your current pet and one that has crossed the Rainbow Bridge in the same picture. A pencil portrait from more than one photo could come to the rescue in this situation. 

Colour or black and white?

Some pencil portraits work well in black and white, especially old family photos from yesteryear. Others look best in full colour where all the nuances of an animals coat can be captured. You can choose from both options. In each case I use the highest quality materials to ensure your artwork stands the test of time and becomes a family treasure. 

Each piece of work takes many hours to produce, they are not rushed off on a production line. Care and attention to detail is required to achieve an exact likeness of your loved one, and I don't cut corners. I will even admit to talking to the subjects of my pictures as I see them come to life on the paper in front of me!

Would you like a personalised drawing?

My gallery shows many of my previous pencil portraits, some of which were commissions and others I drew for the love of it.

Why not browse to see if you like my style of drawing.  If so, drop me a line from my Contact page and we can chat about YOUR ideal pencil portrait. 

Soon you could be admiring a drawing on your own wall like the happy recipients in the photos below.