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Commission your pet portrait artist

I specialise in pencil portraits of pets and wildlife. These can be in black and white or full colour. I am happy to discuss your options after seeing your photographs, so that together, we can make the best choice for your portrait. 

Monochrome portraits

Graphite pencils can give a timeless feel to a portrait, just like an old black and white photo from days gone by.

These drawings are based on tone (also called value in the art world) which basically means dark, medium and light areas. In actual fact there are many in between tones as well! 

I use up to 10 different grades of pencil to represent the varying shades in your pets fur or coat colour, while still aiming for a realistic portrayal. 

Graphite cat portrait

Coloured pencil portraits

Artist quality coloured pencils are totally different from the "pencil crayons" you most likely used during your schooldays! Unlike the student grade, they won't fade, and will stay bright and true for a lifetime. 

For some portraits I can use up to 70 colours, in multiple layers to build up the subtle tones and variations in your pets fur, feathers or even scales! 

The paper is also important, so I use high quality surfaces that will withstand both the number of layers needed for the drawing and the test of time! I will chose the best paper to show off your pet to its best advantage - sometimes this will be white and on occasions it will be coloured. 

Coloured pencil portrait of cockapoo, Ozzie
Portrait of Louis the cockapoo

Other pets

Although the examples shown above depict cats and dogs, I am happy to draw any type of pet. Perhaps you would love a portrait of your...

  • exotic bird
  • hamster
  • rabbit
  • guinea pig
  • tortoise
  • tropical fish
  • alpaca
  • ferret
  • horse, pony or donkey
  • or goat for example?

They are all members of the family and as such deserve the skills of a pet portrait artist. 

Browsing the pages of this site will show you my abilities and you can then decide if you like my style of portraiture. 

How do I commission a portrait?

If you are ready for me to draw a portrait of your pet, start by using the Contact Me form to give me an idea of what you are looking for. I will then reply and provide an e-mail address so you can send your photos to me. Please send as many as you can!

If you want just the head and shoulders of your pet in the portrait please ensure that your photo shows this in close up. It is very difficult to draw a detailed drawing when the pet takes up a tiny area of a photo because they are far away from the camera. 

I need to be able to see the eyes clearly, even if they are visible in a different photo than the one we decide shows the character of your pet best. I can then refer to other photos to gather any missing information. 

I will be adding a page soon, that compares good and bad photos to work from. This will give you an idea of what photos to look for, or to go out and shoot especially for your pet portrait. 

Once we decide on the "right" photo to work from, I will then require a deposit, and your portrait will be added to my schedule.

Please note that there is only one of me, and I like to take enough time over each portrait to get the best results for my clients, so there may be a short waiting list. If you need your portrait for a particular date please do let me know as soon as possible and I will be able to let you know if I can meet your deadline.

I look forward to working with you to create your special picture if you feel I am the right pet portrait artist for you. 

Carol Leather