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Pet Portrait Artist

It is not difficult to find a pet portrait artist online, but finding the one that will catch the character of your furry friend in just the way you want, can sometimes prove more tricky. Every artist has their own unique style, even when they use the same medium as another person.

Graphite portraits

For example a graphite pencil drawing can give a loose impression of a subject, or it can be hyper-realistic. I tend towards the latter, and attempt to capture the pet in as much detail as possible.

Because I am a pet owner myself, (not sure if I own them or they own me) I know the deep feelings that bond your pet to you. I sincerely believe that one's love for animals shows up in the art. To me, it's not a commission, it's me drawing your family.

Graphite cat portraitLeo the ginger cat in graphite

Coloured pencil portraits

Colour is also an option. Coloured pencil portraits can simulate the look of oils or acrylics while allowing fine detail in the fur, feather or even scales!

A coloured pencil portrait can capture your pet's personality and freeze your love forever, whether it is the whole animal or a close up such as this drawing of rescued Cockapoo, Ozzie.

Coloured pencil portrait of cockapoo, OzzieCockapoo, Ozzie, in coloured pencil
Louis, a coloured pencil commission

Perhaps you are more of a cat lover, or have an unusual pet, such as an ...

  • exotic bird
  • tortoise
  • tropical fish
  • alpaca
  • horse, pony or donkey
  • or goat?

They are all members of the family and as such deserve the skills of a pet portrait artist. 

Browsing the pages of this site will show you my abilities and you can then decide if you like my style of portraiture. 

How do I commission a portrait?

If you are ready for me to draw a portrait of your pet, start by using the Contact Me form to give me an idea of what you are looking for. When I reply I will provide an e-mail address for you to send your photos to. As many as you can!

A selection of photos, in focus and where your pet is big enough for me to see the details, allows me to guide you as to which would make the best drawing. If the photo we select together is missing any vital information, it may be that another photo you have sent will provide just what I need.

I will be adding a page soon, that compares good and bad photos to work from. This will give you an idea of what photos to look for, or to go out and shoot especially for your pet portrait. 

Once we decide on the "right" photo to work from, I will then require a deposit, and your portrait will be added to my schedule.

Please note that there is only one of me, and I like to take enough time over each portrait to get the best results for my clients, so there may be a waiting list. If you need your portrait for a particular date please do let me know as soon as possible to see if I can meet your deadline.