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Wildlife Drawings Gallery

Below are some of the wildlife drawings I have completed recently in coloured pencil and graphite. 

The surfaces I have used vary: I try to pick the paper or board that is most suitable for the subject matter. This can range from the ultrasmooth drafting film to the textured pastelmat or sanded paper. The smaller drawings tend to need a smoother surface in order to render all the details. 

I only use lightfast pencils, which ensures that the original will not fade. These can be a mixture of brands, but they all work wonderfully together. 

All the drawings on this page were based on my own photographs. These were either taken close to home or on my travels in previous years. 

My originals are often for sale, you only have to ask. :) I am also working on releasing limited edition prints of some of these. The page will be updated once I am sure I have carefully chosen the best print company for the job. I have sourced the most wonderful paper for these which I am sure you will love. All limited edition prints will be hand signed in addition to the signature on the original and will come with a certificate of authenticity.

If you have a favourite animal or bird and would like to consider suggesting it as a forthcoming drawing please feel free to use my contact page. If you would rather commission me to draw from your own photograph I would be happy to discuss that with you also.

Thank you for your interest in my artwork. Enjoy your visit to my site and do have a look around while you are here.


Barn Owl 
Limited edition print run
available soon

Cheerful Robin
drawn to cheer everyone up during the lockdown period

Puffin on the Farne Islands
coloured pencil on white Strathmore paper

Roe Deer at Spurn Head, Yorkshire
on 2 sheets of grafix drafting film

Original - SOLD
European Robin on pale blue Pastelmat

European Goldfinch
A garden visitor to the artist's home
Drawn on drafting film

Harvest Mouse in coloured pencil
on dark green Pastelmat

Otter in coloured pencil
on brown Pastelmat

Kingfisher in coloured pencil
on Canson Mi Tientes

Kingfisher in graphite pencil

Blue Tit
coloured pencil on Canson Mi Tientes blue paper

Zebra Foal
white pencil on black paper

Grey Grey Owl
white pencil on black paper