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Dog Art Prints for sale

The coloured pencil drawings shown on this page were not commissioned pieces of art, but were mostly drawn from my own photos of dogs we met on our country walks. Permission was asked to take the photographs and the owner was advised that I am an artist and would possibly draw from my photos. 

After being asked by many people if I offered these as dog art prints I decided to go ahead. They are professionally printed Giclee fine art prints, which were created with archival pigment inks on heavyweight art paper. This means they will last a lifetime without fading. However, as with all artwork, it is best not to hang prints in full sunlight.  

Viszla head portrait

We met the owner of this lovely fellow at Wicken Fen in Cambridgeshire as we were both walking around the nature reserve. He was one of 4 viszla's she had with her!

I love this breed, and have two friends who own them. They have the most glorious russet coloured fur which can be really short and velvety to the touch in the case of the smooth coated variety. Viszla's are also available with a wire-haired coat. 

They were originally bred as multi-purpose gundogs, in Hungary.

Whippet puppy art print

Brisk, the whippet, was only a young 14 week old pup when we met her, on holiday in Devon. It was those beautiful blue eyes that grabbed my interest, and I couldn't resist photographing and then drawing her portrait. 

Her colouring was similar to the first dog I owned as a child, who was a whippet cross. Polar shared my childhood from the age of 9 until two weeks before I got married. 

This pup was so gentle that I wanted to emphasise that by gently fading out her body into the paper colour. She was the first brindle dog I drew and I am delighted to offer her as a dog art print. 

Cockapoo portrait

Ozzie, was actually my own dog, not one we met while out walking. He joined our family at age 5, from a local rescue centre. 

Photographing black dogs is tricky, and attempts can often end up as a dark blob with no detail visible. They are best photographed outside in the shade, on a bright day. As well as the colour issue, cockapoos also have wavy and or curly hair, which is not the easiest to depict in coloured pencils (or any other art medium). 

I was happy with this portrait and love the expression I caught in his eyes. For a black dog there are a surprising number of colours in this dog art print, including purples, if you look closely. 

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