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Baby drawings - Victoria

I have done baby drawings besides just pets during my art career.

Joe Henighan's photograph of Victoria and Bentley is so sweet, it makes your heart melt. When Mum Jenny showed me the photo, I just knew I had to draw it.

Victoria was spending time with her best friend - Bentley the Staffordshire Bull Terrier - when Joe snapped their loving bond. I loved the "smile" on his face and the relaxed pose. The adoring look from the little one just made it even more special.

After much consideration, I opted to remove the background items that weren't essential to the portrait. This required me to "recreate" the section where the cushions had been lying on the couch. After doing this, I proceeded on with the outline, shading and detail work until I reached completion.

I really enjoyed working on this piece, as it was a challenge to stay true to the original photograph, while also adding my own artistic flair. I hope you enjoy viewing it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Starting the drawing

Once my outline sketch was in place, I started by adding the shading to Bentley. That face was just too tempting!

I use multiple layers of graphite in my drawings, starting with the harder H pencils, which only just show up at this stage, when photographed. Gradually I build up the values using the softer B pencils until I have the contrast needed to give a flattering portrait. I find getting those dark values helps me get a wide range of tones in a picture, from the white of the paper to the deep blacks. 

Once Bentley was complete, I moved to Victoria. I loved her tousled head of hair, that thumb in her mouth and her cute little pyjamas. Last, I drew a suggestion of the sofa, fading it out at the edges.

Delivering baby drawings

I thoroughly enjoyed this commission - it was a blast to deliver the finished portrait! The ecstatic family was over the moon with the results.

Jenny said. ... "I was a little skeptical whether it was possible to capture "the moment" in a drawing. I am truly delighted that you could. You have captured the very essence of Bentley and his love for Victoria, which is returned by her. I am very grateful to have such a talented piece of artwork on my walls. It is with pride that I can hang this alongside paintings created by my Grandparents, in my mini gallery."